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Restaurant Review: Wittamer in Brussels

Last weekend, my friend S took me to a famous patisserie in Brussels, Wittamer. The one we went to in Sablon isn't just a pastry shop, but also has a little restaurant upstairs where we happily settled into over a cup of coffee and a pastry. My friend was surprised at how young the crowd was in the restaurant, but maybe today's young folk prefer a jaunt to a patisserie over a bar!

We both ordered capuccino. My friend S, a bona fide Italian, instantly looked at our capuccinos and predicted they were going to taste horrible (this is an Italian superpower I have yet to acquire). The capuccinos, as it turned out, were not very good, but not quite as horrible as they looked. Still, I'd take a tea over a poorly made capuccino any day!

We also had trouble picking which pastries to indulge in. Yours truly picked the delicacy shown above. It was good, but too sweet for my taste. It had a creme-brulee themed center, with a shiny chocolate ganache covering, and a mini macaron on top…

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